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Team Fit2Free Get Started Right Team Beachbody Coaching

Getting Started Right!

Welcome to Team Beachbody Coaching and to Team Fit2Free. We are Dave and Anne Dovel and we are excited to help you get started on your journey with Team Beachbody Coaching. Follow the steps in order below, with your sponsoring coach. If you haven’t talked to your coach yet, please pick up the phone right now and get connected!

Step 1. Download and save the 7-Day Quick Start Guide to your computer right now. Then open the saved file, and you will be able to type on it. Watch this short video introduction.

STEP 2.  Get in the habit today of logging in “real-time” workouts in the Team Beachbody SuperGym. This short video explains why this is so important. Watch now and write down any questions you have. After watching the video, try logging in a workout and make sure you see the green line on today’s date.


STEP 3. The Coach Online Office is full of great tools for you to use. Your coach will be showing some of the features, but to get you started, Watch this brief video:


1. Personal information: Name, Email, Phone number, Alternate phone, DOB, Family

2. What is one of your big purposes for wanting to do this business and what goals do you have for choosing Beachbody as your vehicle?

3. Have you ever built a business before? If yes, what?

4. How many hours a week do you want to work your business?

5. What are your income goals?

6. Where do you think you might derail that I can help you with the most?

7. How do you see yourself building your business: online, local events, person to person…




Over the next 7 days I want to guide you in the proven steps that have helped coaches just like you get started on a successful path in their Team Beachbody business.


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